Postponing made easy

Written by || Sam TWSCO

Here we are again, the P word.

Postponing your wedding is not only a highly emotional time, it can also be a lot of work. We’re here to get you through the task with as little hassle as possible.

First things first…

Give yourself a little time to process what has happened, give your future hubby/wifey a hug, pour yourselves a drink and remind yourself why you’re getting married. Moving your wedding to a new date doesn’t change your why, or the purpose behind it.

You might have to wait a little longer but let me tell you from experience (we’ve dealt with this before, see ya 2020 your wedding, when it comes around, will be one for the record books. The love and appreciation in the room is like magic. Everyone is just so happy to be together for something so special. The day will have all the feels. I promise.

Ok now lets get you there nice and easy hey!

Introducing TWSCO date finder. A simple tool that will take you about 2 minutes to set up and will be your saviour in finding a new date so you can still have your dream team on board.

The Process

  • Sit down together and work out a few proposed dates. Remember, you have a team of highly sought after vendors, to lock every one of them in on a new date you should think about weekday and Sunday options 

  • Use our Date Finder template as an all in one process to communicate with your vendors. This doc will save you HOURS in back and forth emailing with your vendors 

  • List all your preferred dates and vendors on the spreadsheet so they know where to fill in their availability 

  • Once all your vendors have filled in your dates you will be looking for an all green column meaning your dream team is free and ready to move to this new proposed date 

I hope this tool helps make the postponement process that little bit easier to get you looking forward to your new date in a flash. 


Download the date finder HERE

September 7, 2021