Finding the right fit

We asked Sophie from Luna Joy for some helpful tips and advice and she really dished out some gold!

Look and style

1. When choosing your wedding day look think about your everyday style, what makes you feel the most like you and create your bridal look based on that. Your wedding day isn’t the day to experiment with new styles, you want your wedding gown to elevate your confidence so you feel like the most glorious version of yourself. 

2. Let’s clarify the three standard options available when selecting your wedding gown/bridal look:

Ready to wear (RTW):

RTW means purchasing a piece ‘off the rack’ or one that has already been designed and sampled and is then made up in the brides size. Customisations are not included. This is a great option for a bride that is time poor and doesn’t want the stress of ongoing fittings and design decisions. This is also the most affordable option however you may still need minor alterations especially with an off the rack piece or buying online.

RTW with Customisations: 

Selecting a RTW gown that has already been designed and working with the designer to customise it, to make it more unique to the individual bride. It is then made up to their measurements. This a great option for a bride that wants something different but still needs some design and styling direction and who may not have the time or resources for a a full custom gown. This option usually requires 2 -3 fittings and customisations are charged on top of the RTW price.

Should i go custom or bespoke?

This is where a bride works closely with a designer or dressmaker to design and make a piece that is completely unique to them and their measurements. Custom work usually involves multiple (maybe unlimited) fittings and design decisions included selecting fabrics, fit and styles. This option is for the bride who has a style in mind and finds a designer who can bring it to life. This option often requires at least 6 – 12 months and a generous budget. Importantly, choose a designer that aligns with the style of gown that you have in mind and be open minded about the advice of the designer or dressmaker. If you follow that philosophy you’ll get the best result.

What about for the boys?

Don’t be afraid to wear a suit that doesn’t match your groomsmen. Choosing a different suit allows you to buy one (or have one custom made) that fits your body shape the best and makes you stand out in the bridal party. It also means you can select, or even rent, a suit or outfit for your groomsmen that is more affordable and has a greater size range for your groomsmen. Suits aren’t one size fits all and men come in all different shapes and sizes too!

You can find out more about Sophie and her work here.

September 9, 2021