How on earth do you pick an MC

Yup it’s another one of those many things that will sneak up on you while planning your wedding day. With many scratching their head thinking who on earth can we have do this, do we need one? What do they do? What why when how arghh…. 

Don’t worry we’re here to break it down and make it a nice easy for you ;).

First off let’s start with a little bit of education shall we:

What does an MC do?

In a nutshell your wedding MC will keep things moving on the night. You know that run sheet you’ve created? Well that’s their guide for the night, they will make sure they make it come to fruition. They will round up your aunty that may have had a few extra Chardonnays after the ceremony, they will liaise with the staff and the kitchen to confirm meals coming out and special requests that may need to be confirmed. 

They will get important people to where they need to be on time. Whether that’s guests to their seats for speeches, making sure the guests doing speeches are ready for said speech. 

They will basically be the go-to person on the evening so it doesn’t end up falling on you. 

Ok with the above in mind that takes us to step 2. 

What should I look for in an MC?

I’m going to break this one into 2 options:

Option one: ‘That’ friend or family member

We generally all have ‘that’ friend or family member. You know the outgoing one, loves a chat and isn’t afraid of the lime light! 

Asking that person to MC your wedding is an exciting role for them, they will have a ball filling the role on the night and their personality and vibe will flood the room with energy and the right tone which is a fun one.

Another thing to keep in mind is, you need that someone to be reliable to keep the night running on time. 

Option two: The professional 

This one is a breeze as you’re basically wiping your hands of it. It’s with the pro, they know what they’re doing and that’s that. 

With the pro option you have some easy choices too: There’s the pro MC, your marriage celebrant, or your entertainment (DJ or band). 

Usually if you’re going down this route it means one of two things: 

You either don’t want any of your guests to have a job and you want them all firing on all cylinders or you just don’t want to think about another piece of the wedding puzzle.

MCing sounds hard and a lot of work…

You’re not wrong. There’s a fair bit of prep work involved for the MC and keep in mind no matter who you go with, you will need to have a couple of meetings to ensure they are ready to take on the task. 

This is why it’s important to pick the right person for the job. If you get that part right the person you ask will be very grateful you asked them. Chances are they even had their fingers crossed they would get the gig.

Some simple dot points for you: 

  • Pick a friend or family member that’s an extrovert, warm & bubbly but also reliable
  • Don’t want to give it a second thought? – Pick a professional you gel with. Check out Brit Deller here
  • Keep your MC in the loop with your planning
  • Download this MC guide

I hope this one has helped make this stage a little easier.


September 15, 2021