Our top tips for an engaging ceremony

Gone are the days of “The ceremony is the boring part”

The ceremony is the first opportunity of the day to show your guests how “YOU” this day really is. A great celebrant will feed your guests full of all the juicy love stories that make you who you are as a couple, and set the vibe for the rest of the day.

We’ve asked some of our celebrant mates what their best tips are for a super fun, engaging ceremony….


Loz from Hungry Hearts co says

If you want a ceremony that looks, sounds, feels and reeks like you, give us the hot goss! The intimate details! The quirks! The weirdness that goes on behind closed doors! 
No-one tells a story like someone who knows the story. So, fill us in! You’ll thank yourself later.”

 Image by Rhys / Hungry Hearts Co


Julie Muir says

“First, you’ll need to think about the overall VIBE you want to create at your ceremony. Traditional or non‑traditional? Formal or relaxed? Fun? Funny? Romantic? Inclusive?⁠

It’s useful to think back to any weddings you’ve attended as a guest. What did you like (or more importantly, not like!) about the ceremony or the celebrant? Answering these questions will help you figure out exactly what you want – and once you know that, you’re one step closer to finding the right celebrant to achieve this.⁠

Just as you want your venue to reflect the atmosphere you want to create, your celebrant needs to be on the same wavelength as you.”

Image by Rhys / Hungry Hearts Co


Wed By Steph says

“Include your guests – you invited them, you love them, don’t let them nod off. Give them a drink to toast, do a Q&A, a Mexican wave, make them clap, blow them a kiss. Talk to your celebrant about how you can let them know you love that they are there, they will be less inclined to want it to be over and be searching for a beer”

 Image by Alex / Third Wheelin Co


Wed by Kez says

  1. Let them scratch their photo itch. Instead of a blanket “no phones” rule. Allow them 10 seconds at the start of the ceremony to grab a quick pic. Then you’ll have their attention for the rest of ceremony – promise
  2. Don’t have them sit down until the last possible second. Encourage them to mingle and chat before the ceremony – it makes the ceremony more social
  3. Let them eat and drink before the ceremony. It’s an immediate icebreaker for a great afternoon

Image by Bonnie Lass Films

We hope this piece was helpful and sparked some cool ideas to make your ceremony super unique!

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Big Love,

Kayla – TWSCO

October 28, 2021