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We interviewed our best pals at Morelife Films to dig deep into what makes them, well, them!

Finding vendors you vibe with is super important, we’re making it 10 times easier with 10 fun facts about the legendary trio that is, Morelife Films.

TWSCO: What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

John: After the ceremony when the couple have just walked down the aisle and you see the realisation between them that they have done it and it’s time to celebrate with all their family and friends. We love capturing all the hugs, laughter and genuine emotion after a ceremony brings. 

TWSCO: Who’s the creative one and who’s the business mind between the three of you?

John: It’s a bit of a split between all three of us. Elliot definitely has the creative freedom on the day to run around and capture the day in the way he feels he wants to. But in terms of myself and Chelsea, Chelsea does most of our admin and socials and I do our edits, film with Elliot and give Chelsea a hand with admin. In saying that, Chelsea finds the majority of the music for our films, and will often come up with random little ideas which really can set them apart and take the film to the next level. It really is a team effort. 

TWSCO: What is your favourite thing/feature/something cool you LOVE to have in every film?

John: We always put a ton of effort into the dialogue and music we use in our films. I mean a lot, it can sometimes take us up to a week to work out the perfect mix of words and tunes. But once it’s right the film will often come together and give us the freedom to show our couples true personality and create a film they truly envision. 

TWSCO: When you and Chelsea got married what was the one thing you had to have/do?

John: Having our dog Luna there was the most important thing but good music and good food were absolutely critical as well.

TWSCO: If you got to film your dream wedding, what would it look like?

John: Palm Springs /Joshua Tree USA. We would shoot over a couples of days. Firstly, with the couple by themselves in Joshua Tree at Sunrise or sunset, nice and romantic.  The following day would be set in Palm Springs, probably the Frank Sinatra House. It would be a Black Tie cocktail outdoor wedding by a pool with big brass music in the afternoon and a killer DJ at night, lots of colour, lots of cocktails and plenty of big personalities creating a crazy wild neon hazed party. 

TWSCO: You can pick one famous person, past or present, to film. Who is it and why?

John: Rhianna and A$AP Rocky. Can only imagine how cool that wedding would be. 

TWSCO: Who’s the boss at home. John or Chelsea?

John: Chelsea “I do what I want when I want” Welsh

TWSCO: What’s your biggest goal for Morelife?

John: Short Term, next year is going to be massive and we really want to focus on every film we create, as we always do, is perfect in every way for our couples. 2023 onwards, we are looking to cap our bookings to ensure we maintain a good work life balance to make sure we have the ability to stay creative and passionate about our work. 

TWSCO: If weddings didn’t exist tomorrow, what career would you choose?

John: I would probably still work in the video production world. I would love to shoot and cut music videos, or any sports related documentary and films, namely surfing, skating, mountain biking etc. Chelsea says would be a vet. 

TWSCO: Macas or KFC?

John: Macas, Chelsea (neither), she’s a Hungry Jacks fan.  

Image by Rhys / Hungry Hearts co

To check out more of the Morelife phenomenon, view their work and more, head to https://www.morelifefilms.com


Kayla – TSWCO

December 14, 2021