Why an engagement shoot?

This one starts where they all do…. you’re engaged!

You’ve ticked off the first item, booking the venue, and now you need the photographer. No doubt you’ve already got a few in mind but where do you start, how do you choose? We recommend booking an engagement shoot.

Here’s why…

An engagement shoot is super helpful for a number of reasons, it’s absolutely not just a chance to get photos taken before the wedding, to be honest we think it has nothing to do with that at all!

We’ll make this easy with a few bullet points;

  • You can get to know your photographer. Booking an engagement shoot is great if you love a photographers photos but want to see how you guys will get along. You’re spending a lot of time with your photographer at your wedding, literally the entire day, you want to be super comfortable around them, you want to feel calm and at ease in their company. If you love a photographer, book an engagement shoot with them.
  • Not only will you become comfortable with your photographer, but you’ll become comfortable with yourself. Having your photo taken can feel a bit weird, you want to look natural but you might be feeling a bit awkward (it never shows in the photos, don’t worry). Having an engagement shoot will calm the nerves and help you realise it’s not so scary, you’ll get the hard part out of the way so when your wedding arrives and it’s time for the portrait session, you’ll be able to loosen up and enjoy it because you’ve done it before!
  • It’s a major love fest, who doesn’t want an hour of uninterrupted love and affection? How often does that happen, embrace it!

Now that we’ve got you convinced, we asked some of the pro’s for some tips and inspo from recent engagement shoots to help inspire you to plan yours!

1. What to wear?

Bec from Azure Creative Photography says

1. The number one thing I tell my couples is to pick something you feel COMFORTABLE in. I’m not saying turn up in your PJs, but I’m also not telling you to turn up in a tux or a formal gown if its not your thing.
2. Pick something that suits the location of your photos. Getting some shots done at the beach? Opt for a nice sun dress or a shirt and shorts; rather than high heels and a cocktail dress. Dress for the weather too! You don’t wanna be freezing your butt off or sweating to death because you didn’t check the forecast.
3. Pick complementing colours to your partner’s outfit – but you don’t have to MATCH! (matching jeans a white shirt look is sooooo 90s)
4. Avoid bright colours, busy patterns and shirts with logos. These can be distracting in photos.

2. Where to go?

Steven from Memento Collective says

Liz & Dave’s Engagement shoot took place at Redhead beach right on sunset. We chose this location for a couple of reasons; to start with, there are so many epic locations nearby, with cliffs, long beaches, sand dunes, and an old lifeguard tower to wrap up an awesome scene. Another reason that Redhead makes for killer engagement shoots is the sun sets right over the beach! As a photographer, we absolutely melt for golden hour shots, it makes a shoot so much nicer and not to mention more emotional with the warm tones filling our lovely couples’ faces! 

Here’s a cheeky little insider tip for planning an Engagement shoot: Have a think of a location that means something to you! This can literally be anything, from the first place you and your partner met, your favourite location even to your home! It doesn’t have to be the prettiest backdrop in the world, the images will hold so much more value if the location is close to your heart

3. Be Bold

Kayla from Luna Wilde Photography says

I’m sure you’ve got a million photos on your phone of you and your love wearing something cute and smiling at the camera, yes our photos are professionally taken so they’re going to be super nice, but why not go a step further and be bold? Use the opportunity to get photos that you don’t normally have the chance to take. Stroll the streets of the city and eat ice cream, have a water fight at the beach, go swimming in the lake, dress up in the coolest outfit you’ve ever worn and spray champagne all over each other, I dunno, do something fun!

We hope this piece was helpful and planted some engagement shoot seeds in you creative brain!

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Big Love,

Kayla – TWSCO

December 14, 2021