If it rains on my wedding day I think I might die!

Ok, calm down. It’s not that bad. If the past 18 months have taught us anything it’s that rain IS NOT the worst thing that could happen to your wedding. Thanks for that ole spicy cough.

Yes, rain is annoying. But it’s nothing new and as long as you’re prepared, you’re gravy baby.

So, instead of ignoring the fact that rain exists and refusing to acknowledge it in hopes that if we don’t say the R word it won’t grace us with its presence, let’s plan for it! If it rains, you’re covered, if it doesn’t then, well is there any con to that?

To prepare for rain you need a backup option for your ceremony, reception and portraits. It doesn’t sound that hard right? When you’re in the early stages of wedding planning and you’re scouting venues, I’m gunna say 30% of you are looking for wet weather options at the venue, the other 70% of you are the ones I mentioned earlier who pretend it doesn’t exist.

Does the venue have a wet weather option for each part of your day? Do you need to hire a marquee to avoid the rain? A marquee can come in handy even if it doesn’t rain, glaring sun is just as horrible as rain, so a marquee can serve it’s purpose no matter the weather (we recommend looking into a marquee earlier rather than later, they can book out pretty quickly)

Jess & Angus used their marquee as the chill out/dancefloor zone. Captured by Rhys / Hungry Hearts Co

So you’ve got the ceremony/reception sorted with the marquee, but now you need to think about portraits. Where will you have your photos if it’s pouring rain? A lot of people leave this on the photographer to figure out, but if you care about photos it’s important to have a think about your options and plan your attack. We recommend investing in a dozen or so clear umbrellas (you can pick these up from Etsy or Alibaba pretty cheap) and have them packed and ready to go just in case, that way you can stroll around the venue as you originally planned, and they’ll still look super cute!

This beautiful rainy shot captured by Dea from Little Blackbow Photography

Here are a few more little tips to battle the rain topic;

  • Pack a hair & makeup touch up kit to freshen up before the reception. You’ll feel less stressed during photos if you know you’re going to be able to have a quick fix up when you’re done.
  • A faux fur coat or personalised denim jacket will come in handy and look super cool in photos
  • If you’re worried about your outfit getting dirty or messed up in the rain, why not organise a reception outfit change? Then you’re free to play in the rain without worrying about ruining your clothes.

Image by House Of Lucie

Image by Memento Collective

Image by Benedict Sutton

So plan ahead and you’ll be prepared for anything…. Rain, hail our shine.

If you’re after a photographer who will help embrace the rain, check out our killer list of snappers at The Wedding Social Co.


Big Love,

Kayla – TWSCO

December 25, 2021