10 things I love about you / Luna Joy

This month we ventured into the brain behind the brand, Sophie from Luna Joy to bring 10 fun facts to you.

Luna joy is a Newcastle based wedding gown designer, for the modern, fashion forward bride.

Happy reading!

TWSCO: What is your favourite part of the design process?

Sophie: The design process is easily one of my favourite parts of my job. I love thinking about how my pieces will be worn by the Luna Joy woman and then designing pieces that reflect her style. Fabric selection is also really important to me, I want every piece to feel as good as they look so beautiful natural fabrics are essential. I then love seeing how each piece comes to life after designing, testing and then sampling each design until they are how I had envisaged.

TWSCO: When did you know you wanted to design wedding gowns?

Sophie: It’s something that had been simmering in the back of my mind for a long time. I really saw an opportunity in the local bridal space for a refined and elegant bridal label and that brides don’t have to travel to Sydney or Melbourne for. After starting my fashion career straight out of high school it wasn’t until I was much older, following a brief legal career, that I backed myself to have a go at bridal wear. 

TWSCO: What is your favourite thing/feature/something cool you LOVE to do in a design?

Sophie: My design DNA is to keep it simple and choose one or two key design features to make each piece really special. I love a surprise back detail or elevated sleeve and then always finishing with subtle details like covered buttons. Of course fabrics like silk satin and silk anything are high on my love list and I will use them again and again. From a personal growth perspective I also like to design pieces that challenge me, each new piece has to push me more than the last.

TWSCO: When you got married what was the one thing you had to have/do?

Sophie: Oh gosh so long ago! In terms of the wedding itself good food, booze and music were non-negotiables, we wanted the style of our wedding to feel like a big loved up party and that’s exactly what we had. For my personal style it was important that I felt and looked like myself, which I did, right down to my gold snakeskin heels.

If I were getting married now though I would wear something completely different which leads me to your next question…

TWSCO: If you got to create your dream wedding dress, what would it look like?

Sophie: This is so hard! For starters I wouldn’t have just one dress and the dress code would be black tie, no question. I would absolutely have a ceremony gown AND a reception look. 

For the ceremony I would design something long, sleek and backless perhaps with a sleeve and most likely in silk satin or something equally slinky. I would also wear a long veil with a blusher possibly even with some subtle embroidered detail. 

For the reception I would change into something short and slinky or strapless and structured. Either way it would need to move seamlessly on the dance floor.

TWSCO: You can pick one famous person, past or present, to dress. Who is it and why?

Sophie: Vivienne Westwood. I dream it would be a collaborative process where she would share her genius and experience  with me and we would develop a long lasting mentor and mentee relationship haha. Plus I guess she has some pretty wild stories to share and wouldn’t mind relaying them over a drink.

TWSCO: What is something you wish clients knew about the process of creating a gown?

Sophie: I’m sure many know this already but it’s worth reiterating. They take time and that’s why they are expensive.  I hand finish most of my gowns and that’s really time consuming couple that with the design and sampling process and production collectively each piece takes up hours and hours of my time. 

TWSCO: What’s your biggest goal for Luna Joy?

Sophie: I have many lofty goals for Luna Joy! I would love to open a a physical space, ideally a working showroom/studio space where brides come to view my range and select accessories from other labels that compliment the Luna Joy style. I would love to provide Newcastle brides, and those further afield, a welcoming and chic bridal space to source their entire wedding look locally.

Another big goal is for my pieces to be stocked in other beautiful bridal stores both locally and internationally. If any of my pieces landed in a store in NY or Europe I would be a very happy girl.

TWSCO: If weddings didn’t exist tomorrow, what career would you choose?

Sophie: Don’t even say this! I would probably do something with interiors or I’d take my little family on a sabbatical to study and work overseas.

TWSCO: Macas or KFC?

Sophie: Couldn’t pay me to eat either. 😂

To view more of Sophie’s designs and get in touch, head to www.lunajoy.com.au

Big love!

Kayla – TSWCO

January 6, 2022