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This month we delved into the beautiful soul that is Julie Muir Celebrant.

Julie is a fun, heartfelt celebrant based in Newcastle, and this month’s featured Vendor

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TWSCO: What is your favourite aspect of your job?

Julie: Wowing the crowd with a stand-out ceremony that no-one was expecting. Not every celebrant has the skills to bring the light and the shade.
When a couple books me, there is no doubt in my mind that I’m going to do a great job for them but until everything is said and done, they have to trust that I am as good as I say I am.
 ‘Words of affirmation’ are my love language so my oxytocin goes through the roof when I receive an email or a review from a couple after the wedding telling me that the ceremony was the highlight of their day. 

TWSCO: When did you know you wanted to create eco confetti and what was your inspiration behind the idea?

Julie: I feel that wedding vendors have an ethical responsibility to educate couples on how to have more environmentally-aware weddings. I love the look of glitter as much as the next Mardi Gras queen but did you see ABC’s War on Waste? Generally the couples I attract are interested in reducing the footprint of their wedding, so offering eco-confetti seemed like part of the solution. Gathering, drying and learning about the flowers brings me so much joy and helps me scratch a creative itch. 

TWSCO: What is your favourite thing/feature/something cool you LOVE to do in a ceremony?

Julie: I drop the occasional well-placed F bomb if I know I can get away with it. After the couple have exchanged their wedding rings, I get them to point their ring fingers to the camera and I announce them MARRIED AF! It makes for a great photo and the initial shock factor makes it very entertaining. I reckon it’s my Irish accent that helps me to get away with it. 
[Obviously, this isn’t mandatory. I work with every couple to figure out how traditional or non-traditional they want their ceremony to be.]

TWSCO: When you got married what was the one thing you had to have/do?

Julie: In Ireland it’s always a two-day celebration. On the second day, we had a beautiful BBQ lunch in the garden of the venue and then once our bellies were full, we went on a pub crawl around the town with all the guests. The small town of Dingle in County Kerry has over 50 pubs including one that’s half hardware store and half bar, so that was a must, especially for all the Aussies wanted to experience a bit of Irish culture.  

TWSCO: What are three words that best describe your ceremony style?

Julie: Personalised, engaging, light-hearted

TWSCO: You can pick one famous person, past or present, to marry. Who is it and why?

Julie: Tim Minchin – I think he is a creative genius. Other people struggle with being successful in one discipline but he manages to rule in all of them: comedy, acting, writing, music, and song writing. I recently saw him live at The Civic and his performance blew me away. I think he’d be a lot of fun to collaborate with, plus after marrying a ginger, I’ve learnt to appreciate how special that MC1R gene is. 

TWSCO: What is something you wish clients knew about the process of writing a ceremony?

Julie: It takes a lot of work to turn love story questionnaire answers, and combine them with all the conversations we’ve had, and turn it into a polished ceremony. 
Because all of my couples are different, the hardest part is striking the right tone. Cheeky jokes that some might find hilarious, others might find offensive. 
I like to take time between writing and editing, to give myself some distance from the work. This enables me to view the ceremony with ‘fresh eyes’ and catch mistakes and areas for improvement more easily.
Not all celebrants work like this, but I like to give my couples the ceremony one month in advance so that I can incorporate any feedback they have. Working collaboratively like this ensures that we’ve fully understood each other. 

TWSCO: What’s your biggest goal for Julie Muir Celebrancy?

Julie: I want to unlock my full creative potential. 
I don’t want to be so busy in my business that I loose my passion. I want enough time to be curious and come up with new ideas. Like Super Mario World, I’m hungry to find the hidden levels (of excellence). 
Despite being at the higher end of the market price-wise, I am always looking for ways to give my couples value for money and exceed their expectations. 
The goal is work with couples who recognise the value in what I do and want to collaborate with me to make something truly memorable and unique together. 

TWSCO: If weddings didn’t exist tomorrow, what career would you choose?

Julie: Definitely something that combines my values and my love of words like a journalist, a travel blogger or a community advocate.  

TWSCO: Macas or KFC?

Julie: Maccas. I get a Frozen Coke and a hamburger on my way home from most ceremonies and then hide the evidence in bin outside my house because I don’t want to offend my husband who normally has dinner waiting for me when I walk through the door. 

To learn more about Julie and her spectacular style, check out her profile at https://theweddingsocialco.com.au/julie-muir

Big love!

Kayla – TSWCO

February 2, 2022