How to pick those extra special songs.

Alright where to begin with this one. I would say this is one of those things that a lot of couples really struggle with and this article should help you settle on songs that you absolutely adore.

The songs you pick for those moments will sit with you as a memory for your lifetime. Opening up a flood gate of emotions not only in those definitive moments but 50 years from now when you hear your songs and it takes you back to a moment that you shared with your soul mate.

I’m Sam from Silent Shout and below will help you uncover those extra special songs for those extra special moments.

How do you find these songs?

Chances are you already know them but you haven’t quite heard it in the way you need to just yet. The digital age we live in is a blessing and also a curse as we have so much to pick from at our finger tips and it can get overwhelming at times.

Here’s some tips in find those perfect songs. I’ll focus on walking down the aisle here

“Music is all about Connection. It is such a powerful medium and when you hear that perfect song and you feel that connection you will know.”

1: Close your eyes and picture yourself in the moment. What do you see & what are you trying to achieve?

Do you imagine yourself building some suspense and using this as a big reveal to your partner?

Do you see it in slow motion? It is a moment you want a little more fast paced if you don’t want too much attention?

Do you want to have some fun with it and picture yourself dancing down the aisle to a banger?

Once you have a general idea on this vibe it’s time for step two.

Image: House Of Lucie

2: Go through ‘YOUR’ music.

Now this one is important. Don’t ever google things like ‘Good songs to walk down the aisle to or ‘Great first dance songs’ It will get you nowhere and it will not be something special to you guys.

Jump on your Spotify or Apple music whatever you use and start a shortlist of songs that fit that vibe you’re after. You can add to this list at anytime if you hear something on the radio or while you’re watching a movie that pricks your ears up. Add it in there.

Some extra handy things to do here to get deep: Go to song radio from some tracks that are hitting the mark. Then hit radio again from a song in that list and again and again. And just like Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception you’re planting a multi layered idea in your head.

3: Listen without interruption

You have a shortlist. Now just as you did in step one. Close your eyes and listen to your shortlist without interruption. Picture yourself in the moment. Having those doors open, turning that corner. Picture your bridal party walking down and now it’s your turn. That moment in the track is coming and everyone is waiting on the edge of their seats. They’re on the journey through this song and are feeling it’s energy just as you are.

How is it making you feel? Are you connecting with it?

After listening back. Delete the ones you aren’t connecting with and keep the ones you are.

Give yourself some time and listen back with some fresh ears and you should be able to hone in on ‘THE ONE’

This process can be repeated and implemented to other key moments. Walking up for that first dance, walking into the reception to sea of cheers and drunken yewwwwssss!!!.

Ask those same questions and picture the moment and feel it.

Image: House Of Lucie

Music is all about Connection. It is such a powerful medium and when you hear that perfect song and you feel that connection you will know.

Sam – Silent Shout / TWSCO

March 1, 2022