As a youngster, I spent most of my time sneaking into my dad’s camera-filled man-cave and listening to his Opeth and Joe Satriani CDs. I’d be standing there silent, frozen like a popsical, letting the aggressive guitar solos’ melt all over me. I grew up, deep down in the burbs of Sydney. I was a real sport-lover, so I spent most of my time hassling all 6 of my creative and oddball siblings to play backyard cricket or 3 a side footy.

A little later in life, I caught the travel bug and spent 4 months backpacking around a landscape lavish Asia. My shoestring budget, Massaman Curry diet and a mate, convinced me to pick up a camera and start shooting what I saw. The camera felt good in my palms. We really connected.

After moving to Newcastle, I stumbled on a care-free, confident, blonde bombshell. She was fun and risky and independent. Being around her lit a flame inside me that I hadn’t felt before. You better believe, I made her my wife. We laughed at the same memes, it would have been rude not too.

Bre convinced me that my photography made her appreciate the world around her. She watched me lose my mind over mountains and paying attention to the details in doorways. I dreamed up a time where my Photography Super-Power could capture that connection between people and emotion, as well as my gorgeous wife and coloured buildings. Here we are guys, now I’m (maybe) your wedding photographer!

These days we enjoy spending time with our charismatic and ridiculously cheeky four year old, building sand castles, adventuring and constructing lego castles fit for Dumbledore. 


benedict sutton