Outside the 9-5 with Wed By Kez

We recently caught up with Kez from Wed By Kez for another edition of our Outside the 9 to 5, getting to know your fellow vendors and their 'Why'

Kez weighed in on why she isn't keen on tackling weddings full time, having eggs in a few baskets and her latest venture, The After Party!

TWSCO: Why do you do what you do?

KEZ: 10 years ago I became a celebrant because finding someone who would support our decisions around our wedding ceremony seemed impossible. I was a 30 year old geek bride marrying a 36 year old geek groom - we didn’t want God there, or someone who had “opinions” on our relationship or someone who was going to tell us how to suck eggs. We wanted to do things our way, and so even though we found a celebrant to work with, it stuck with me that rather than the celebrant bring the one to lead things, there were plenty of people, who like me, wanted to have an active say in their ceremony - because the ceremony mattered to them. 

Now, it’s a different story. I spend a lot of time saying “You don’t have to…” to couples and watch them breathe a sigh of relief, because for every couple who want super traditional there’s the couple that want something different. This couple have a lot of external factors pressuring or pushing them a certain way. Whether it’s family, or wedding publications, or friends, Facebook or even some wedding service providers, there is an intense pressure couples can feel when planning to say “I do.” My pleasure now, is helping those couples find the confidence to say “this is what we want” and educating couples about how what you legally have to do and what people tell you to do can be completely different things.

 TWSCO: Do you do weddings full time? If no, what’s stopping you?

KEZ: Nothing is “stopping me”. I don’t want to do weddings full time. If I did weddings full time I feel I may be taking on couples because I have to, financially, rather than the awesome couples who find me who love what I do, what I charge and who I am and whom I am excited to marry. I’m also a big believer in having a few eggs in a few baskets to keep things interesting.  

TWSCO: What program/tech can't you live without?

KEZ: I am the queen of automation. Marrying 80+ couples a year there is a fair few things I automate for my clients so that they get the relevant information they need. This also allows me time to personal other parts of our time together, with online meetings and suggestions. Being a celebrant there is a bit that remains the same for most clients (paperwork, legal requirements etc) so I’m always on the lookout for a great CRM or tech that will assist me to handle that part of the process with ease.

TWSCO: What do you think has been a key reason for the success of your business?

KEZ: I put it down to a couple of things, knowing the types of couples who want what I have to offer and valuing myself and what I do. When you’re a celebrant it’s really your personality that you are selling to couples and so keeping my focus on my own goals, my own way of doing things and focusing on what works for me has lead me to a lot of success. There’s no right way to run a successful celebrant business, there is just the way that works for you.

TWSCO: What’s next for you?

KEZ: I can’t sit still for too long. At the moment I am branching out into a new adventure that focuses on funerals and making a change to an industry that hasn’t really changed that much. That is a slow burn but a real passion project of mine. Aside from that, I’ve been fortunate enough to maintain a steady number of clients, despite the pandemic and also have a “breather” from weddings - so I’m totally refreshed and ready to go once weddings return to whatever the new “normal” is.

Photo by - Luna Wilde Photography