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When it comes to wedding films, you might be torn on whether you reallllyyyy need one or not. But making the decision not to get one is often one of a wedded couples' biggest regrets. Having footage from your wedding will bring back the good memories, of course! But it will also act as a second pair of eyes, giving you a sneak peek in to all of the fun your guests had, that you might've missed on the night. We talk to John from Morelife Films on his advice for hiring a videographer. 

JOHN: Moment and Story. The obvious importance is that you can get your ceremony and speeches captured to watch in years to come but it is much more than that. A wedding film has the ability to show the personality of not only you and your partner but your family and friends for years to come. Videographers can pull pieces from the dialogue of your day and create an incredible story of your life and the feelings of your loved ones in a wedding film. Imagine sitting back with your family in years to come and watching your younger self talking, laughing, crying and interacting with all your most cherished at the time, I think you􏰊ll get some pretty amazing feelings and memories as you watch on.

John & Chelsea from Morelife's very own wedding day. Captured by Gez Xavier Mansfield Photography.

Guest writer: John Morelife Films

JOHN: Set your ceremony time so you have 30 minutes after your ceremony 􏰎not including family photo time􏰌 to enjoy some time with everyone. Not only do all your guests want to greet and congratulate you it is also a good chance to grab a drink and take a few moments to let everything sink in that􏰊s just happened. This is some of our favourite vision to capture. Everyone is always so happy and excited for the two of you and it makes for amazing footage. After this I guarantee you􏰊ll feel nice and relaxed to head on into your bridal party location time.

John - Morelife 
Photo by - Luna Wilde

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