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Songs & seating

Your song choices and where you seat everyone in the room are some of the minor details that might be last on your list. Sam from Silent Shout Entertainment makes a pretty good case to bump them up. 

SAM: Yes there is a right way and a wrong way. Think about where your grandparents might be seated. Too many times we turn up to find their table right near the DJ, the loudest seat in the room! It's only a matter of time before the DJ is stuck in a tug of war between requests to turn it down by your G-ma and up by your bridesmaids. We all have a table of loose friends, sit them closest to the DJ and dance floor instead. They will love having the music louder, and then your parents and grandparents are happy to enjoy the atmosphere from further away. 

Sam - Silent Shout

Photo by: Stories by Mel

Guest writer: Sam, Silent Shout

SAM: Music taste is as unique as you are as a person. Make your choices represent a piece of your personality. Keep away from googling tracks as it results in everyone just coming up with the same tracks over and over. If you give it some thought you will come up with something unique. Plus in 10 years time when you hear that track it will bring back some awesome memories and form part of the playlist to your life.

Q1. What should the layout look like on the day and where should I seat my guests in the room? Is there a right and wrong way to do this? 

Q2. How should I choose what special songs I want? Google is not working out for me. 

The Silent Shout team.

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