The dirt on 'The Essentials' membership

So you may have seen a post or two about The Essentials membership, the one we describe as 'ideal if you don't need a workspace' and 'perfect if growth and exposure are still a priority for your business'. But have you heard enough from us? Thought so. Better you hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth from Bec at Azure Creative Photography and her first hand experience with The Essentials. 

Bec: I was feeling a little lost. It can be pretty isolating as a photographer, and for many years I thought that's just how it was. I lacked any sense of community or connection to others in the wedding industry, and often it left me feeling pretty down. When I came across the Social Co, I was completely blown away by how amazing and welcoming they are. I instantly felt comfortable alongside them, and I feel it has really benefited my business as I feel like I have found my sense of community among these awesome like-minded legends. 

Another one of Bec's new headshots! Photo by Little Black Bow Photography. 

TWSCO: Where were you at business wise when you started thinking about getting involved at the Wedding Social Co?

Bec: I feel like I have a greater sense of purpose and connection to other wedding industry professionals, it's unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The Social Co has been an incredible resource to help boost my business and my confidence about how I run things as a wedding photographer. I feel like I can comfortably express ideas and opinions without being judged or put down. These guys have really helped me feel welcome and confident and I always leave the Social Co feeling motivated and inspired to strive to be the best I can as a wedding photographer. 

TWSCO: How has getting involved with The Social Co helped your business? 

Bec: 1000% YES! I signed up to the Essentials package when I first discovered the social co, and it has been a lifesaver. The sense of community and connection I get from this is worth way more than $30 a month in my opinion! I found this package to be perfect for me as I still operate out of my home office but am still able to remain involved in the wedding social co happenings without having to physically rent a hot desk or office at TWSCO (although, I highly recommend doing a day visit where you can - I get so much more done when I'm working among like-minded wedding creatives).

TWSCO: Would you recommend The Essentials to other vendors and why?

Bec: I'm hoping to inject more of my personal brand into my business and really show couples what I'm all about. I'm spending a lot of time doing business development stuff and I'm currently being mentored by Holy Matrimonty (who I met through TWSCO!) which has been immensely helpful. I'd also like to continue to nurture my relationship with those involved in the social co as so far it has been an incredibly amazing journey with them and I'm not about to stop! 

TWSCO: What are your goals or focus for the rest of the year?