Choosing a wedding dress - 3 brides share their very different dress journeys

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Feeling empowered to choose the style, the budget, and the process that suits you, is the absolute key to nailing this aspect of your wedding day.


Insider tips & supplier secrets

Your florals post pandemic

"We had a chat to some of our favourite flower gals (Baylee from 'Bayleaf Florals & Styling' and Holly Howe) to get the run down on what we can expect to happen to the flower world and how you can get florals you'll love."

3 tips for booking
a photographer

"Grab a coffee or a beer with them and spend a bit of time getting to know one another. I’m always down for a long black or a glass of red; even if we have met already and you wanna catch up again and talk wedding plans, I’m here!"

Songs & seating

"We all have a table of loose friends, sit them closest to the DJ and dance floor instead. They will love having the music louder, and then your parents and grandparents are happy to enjoy the atmosphere from further away." 

Booze, bars & brie

"A sit down dinner is naturally going to be more expensive than a cocktail style setting. You'll need to factor in the cost of hiring plates and cutlery, plus the serving style of a sit down dinner is more demanding than cocktail so there will be higher staff costs."

Photobooth basics

"People need to see others have a great time with it. If it's not in the same location as guests, your booth won't get the usage. We've been placed outside, in hallways, and near toilets. It's not fun for us or your guests. So do yourself a favour and make sure we are in with all the action and fun on the night!"

Filming fun

"When it comes to wedding films, you might be torn on whether you reallllyyyy need one or not. But making the decision not to get one is often one of a wedded couples' biggest regrets. Having footage from your wedding will also act as a second pair of eyes, giving you a sneak peek in to all of the fun your guests had,"

Vendor interviews

Silent Shout

"I thought I should bring club quality DJ sets to a wedding and make that a thing. Looking back at the past few years of doing this - in particular, it’s a cool feeling and a good decision to bring that quality and point of difference through music."

John & Chelsea 
Morelife Films

"I'll never forget the weight off my shoulders when walking out of my full time job; wedding and commercial filming for almost 10 years. Knowing I could now send all of my focus towards my craft and business was epic and I wish I'd made the leap earlier on." 

Wed By Kez

"I can’t sit still for too long. At the moment I am branching out into a new adventure that focuses on funerals and making a change to an industry that hasn’t really changed that much. That is a slow burn but a real passion project of mine."

Boozy Suzie & Roaming Eagle

"I always worked in bars and wanted to own one but the logistics of running a bar wasn't the kind of stress I wanted in my life. Weddings were the ideal job. I still get to run a bar but I don't have the downsides to deal with."

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