Why working from home is not all it’s cracked up to be

Wearing your pyjamas while you’re ‘at work’ might be fun for a day – hey, give it a week even. Stretchy pants are the epitome of comfort, and if you’re feeling comfortable what can stop you! In the morning, instead of getting your mug ready to be around other people you can hit snooze for an extra 15 minutes. Plus you’ll avoid the commute, and parking dramas. 

But what happens when those four walls start closing in? And when there’s always something better to do than open up the laptop? Maybe a co-working space is the answer to avoid these common crappy working from home problems.

1. There’s always another option 
Without a doubt, being at home you’ll find something that just needs to get done before you get down to work. The floors, the washing, meal prep – for some reason even the ironing might start appealing to you to avoid getting stuck in to some really productive work for your business. 

2. Connection with the world
Sitting behind a computer screen, eating lunch from the fridge, having meetings via Skype - it won’t be long until you’re craving a laugh with a friend, or need someone to bounce ideas off. Not only can working from home be lonely, it can be restrictive to your opportunities to collaborate, communicate, and build vital relationships that will support your mission. 

3. Expectations 
Your family and friends might think you’re ‘working from home’ (inverted commas intended) rather than understanding that you’re actually WORKING FROM HOME. They might call in, expect you to help out around the house, and not respect your privacy. Kids and dogs, those cute tiny things – in particular don’t get it. You better believe they’ll be banging on your door or barking for your attention. 

4. Vibe-less
It’s the age old adage – change is as good as a holiday. Working and living inside the same four walls will drive anyone mad, let alone, be pretty limiting for inspiration. Mixing up your environment can pay dividends, and open up the flood gates to ideas, creativity, and motivation. A dedicated work space may also make it easier for your brain to switch in to work mode without a self-pep talk. 

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